The Summer Seminars 2016



ISR Summer Seminars, Genova, July 23rd – July 25th 2016
Please note that the hotel registration has to be done separately.
Family Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
First Name: ___________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Zip code/City: _________________________________________________________ Country: _____________________________________________________
E-mail adress or fax no: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
__ I am a member of a national Rorschach Society
Name of the Society: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
__ I am an individual member of the ISR __ I am a non-member
Please send your registration form to:
Sushila Dixit at Hogrefe AG, Bern, either by or by mail to: Sushila Dixit, Office Manager ISR, c/o Hogrefe AG, Länggass-Strasse 76, CH-3000 Bern 9 (Fax+41313004590).

Registration fee: CHF 495.00 for ISR members; CHF 535.00 for non-members
The registration fee includes: Summer Seminars conference fee, three lunches, water, coffee and coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon.

Registration made before April 30th, 2016 (please make a check mark):
__ Registration fee Summer Seminars CHF 495.00 ISR-member __ CHF 535.00 non-member

Registration after April 30th, 2016:
__ Registration fee Summer Seminars CHF 540.00 ISR-member __ CHF 580.00 non-member

__ I wish to contribute to the ISR grant for students and young professionals*
__CHF 15.00 __CHF 25.00 __CHF 50.00 __CHF 100.00
(*The ISR grant supports students and young professionals with limited financial means who wish to attend ISR activities).
___Evening Event: Social Dinner (60 CHF)
Trattoria in Genova Boccadasse: excellent fish restaurant in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Genova
__ Total (CHF __________)
The registration fee (and contribution) is payable by means of
__ EUROCARD/MasterCard or __ VISA
Card Number:________________________________ Expiration Date:___________________________________

__ Transfer to the bank account of the International Society of the Rorschach with CREDIT SUISSE, 3001 Bern, account no.395980-00-1.IBAN CH5004835039598000001/BIC: CRESCHZZ30R.
Cancellations up to 2 months before the program will qualify for a 50% refund. Upto1 month before = 25%. Thereafter no refund will be made.
Registrations are accepted and confirmed in order of receipt and are limited in number.


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包括システムによる日本ロールシャッハ学会シンポジウム画像.JPG 本学会は、1993年にアジアでははじめて 国際ロールシャッハ及び投映法学会に団体登録された、日本で最初のロールシャッハ学会として設立されました。設立当時は30人に満たない組織でしたが、学会員数は600名を超える学会に成長しました。

 当学会は,包括システムによるロールシャッハ法を学び,その発展・普及および研修者間の連携・協力をはかっています。例年5月に大会を開催する他,機関誌,ニュースレターを発行し,各地で研修会を実施しています。また,国際ロールシャッハ及び投映法学会(The International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR) )に団体会員として登録し,その活動に参加しています。
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